Approach I approach my work from a psychodynamic model using humanistic and emotionally focused therapy as well. Basically this means that I think relationships in your life, including yours and mine, form the foundation for change. I view therapy as a collaborative process where we work together to meet your goals. The core of my approach is a belief that you have the resources needed for self understanding, altering your self-concept and attitudes, and changing behavior. It is through our relationship that you are able to discover parts of yourself that have been unconscious and begin to accept and integrate these parts. Most people are ambivalent about whether talking to someone will really help and the idea of sharing the most intimate details of one’s life with someone is intimidating. I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t felt scared, anxious and often skeptical about therapy. I’m very focused on welcoming you into my office, helping you to move past these initial fears, starting with our first session. I feel it is important to remember that you control the frequency of sessions. You may want to come in for a single consultation or to meet for just a few sessions to address a particular problem. Others decide that weekly therapy offers more insight, support, and a place to better understand how they are known. Whatever you decide is up to you and knowing this can reduce anxiety for that initial appointment. I encourage you to call and try one session and then decide.

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