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 There are few things more painful than feeling isolated and alone. Many people enter therapy because they are disconnected and their relationships are suffering. I work with individuals to help them feel truly heard, seen and understood and use our sessions as a safe place to begin to make more satisfying and effective life decisions. 



 Romantic relationships present us with some of our greatest life challenges. Culturally, we tend to over-romanticize but underestimate the amount of emotional work that these relationships require.   I work with couples struggling with parenting, communication, intimacy, infidelity and major life transitions.  I also partner with a male co-therapist in an effort to help couples change some of the ingrained patterns that cause conflict. 



 In my view, groups are very effective in allowing individuals to practice being assertive, making themselves vulnerable, setting boundaries, working through conflict and gaining support.  Many of my clients will work with me individually and move into a group over time.